Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan)2.0

"What are you doing here?"  "Meeting my in-laws." Christina obviously knew Sebastian's parents well and it began to dawn on Sebastian his parents were quite receptive to his being a Goldsmith which probably meant that Christina must have spoken to them on his behalf. "Mon Dad will you excuse us for a few minutes I would to have a chat with Christina." "Christina is here to see you not us we're off to see a movie bye." Sebastian's parents hugged Christina walked out the back door.  Sebastian smiled nervously, Christina looked down at the floor.  Christina decided to break the silence, "So is this where you ask me on out on our first date" "No I thought this where you ask to marry me" "Oh Please!" "You don't have to beg"  "You are such a cocky bastard"  "No confident"

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