Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Sebastian and his class mates worked on a series of Silver containers; a variation of antique pill boxes and a Netsuke/Inro (Samurai Medicine case). The containers were complex in design; with multiple pieces to solder together.  The class melted many containers from excessive heat. Sebastian took keen interest in how the solder flowed between metals. He was able to stretch the distance a piece of solder flowed by simply blowing on the molten solder.  Sebastian whispered when he exhaled; he knew it was a breakthrough in his jewellery making, he decided to ask Akira about his experience.

Sebastian knocked on the office door and entered; "I think I've figured out the purpose of the container exercise" "What is the purpose of the exercise?" "You can control solder flow and the heat from the torch by blowing on the solder  you can solder intricate designs yes."  

Akira closed the door; Teaching master Igor turned in his chair, "speak you true mind do not try to hide what you experienced Sebastian, we know you can control the flow of solder but it is not only your breath but what you whispered under your breath very few metal smiths et to know metals the you do you to fire and it move the way you want that is rare." Sebastian felt  a subtle shift in his being, he did whisper to the solder.

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