Excerpt from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Copper/Brass on Black cord necklace.

The Client.

An international Fashion designer with  a small Haute Couture company was showcasing her first Ready to wear line. She was referred to GBC student designers. The class was in deep discussion; an entourage arrived unnoticed, a rude voice interrupted "HELLO ANYONE HERE!" Sebastian was in midsentence, realizing this was a client Sebastian held his tongue. Krystal noticed the subtle exchange of body language between the two, introductions were made.  Ms. Heinz was the first one to speak. " You are?" "I'm Sorry, but you have the most amazing eyes please forgive me for staring" "At least you didn't look at my breast" "Oh those are lovely as well but your eyes are positively amazing." A light shade of pink blanked her neck and ears, Ms. Abbigail Heinz was at a loss for words. She liked the way Sebastian spoke; she felt a tingling  sensation over her body.  The effect showed; Ms. Heinz folded her hands over her breast and sat legs crossed tightly.


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