Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Silver Earrings

Sebastian switched to City fashion TV; Jenni Becker was  interviewing Abby Heinz, Becker inquired about a romantic tryst with a local jewellery designer. Abby squirmed in the couch; "please change the channel" Sebastian turned off the television. Abby lean on Sebastian turning on the television she held his hand. Jennie Becker asked pointed questions regarding her personal life, she stated her friend had contributed to her overall well being.  Sebastian snickered;  "do you think she bought that?" "Nein! When I'm back in Europe being my normal self having at least two temper tantrums a day they will  probably ask when is my next visit to Canada to calm the beast within"

"Is that what I do?"  " You do a lot more than that " "Abby tell me why are you interested in me"?  "There is something in your eyes; you are infuriating cocky vulnerable you have a deep trust and respect for women even though you have a right not to ."


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