Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Silver ring with oval Amethyst.

Sebastian met with his teaching masters one Wednesday a month, he studied ancient jewellery techniques not found in books. As his knowledge of mother earth grew, he felt a strong connection to the earth. Sebastian became comfortable meditating; his children started to imitate his  meditation.  Sebastian came home to an empty house; a note stuck to the mirror in the hallway, he sat on the floor reading the note. Sebastian searched the city for his wife and children; he called his family, Christina told his family. 

Sebastian had a rough Christmas he had hardly slept; not seeing his wife and children, he was lost. He pushed his sense of lost deep into his subconscious, his panic attacks had affected his work. It was time for Sebastian to accept his emotional pain and move on. Sebastian neglected meeting with his teaching masters; he missed his second meeting after the holidays his teaching masters sent him a message.

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