Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Silver/Lace Agate Pendant.

Ms. Heinz wanted this group of students to work for her; she stood in the middle of the room asking question of individual students. The body of work created was impressive; she saw the design of the swords she had purchased, "who designed these?"  "Oh !Those are Sebastian's "Of course!" "At a celebrity auction the fetched the highest price the owner paid a small fortune not to have  anymore produced" "Yes I am the owner" "Perhaps you should mention that to Sebastian" "I am already in awe of him I do not want it to go to his head" "He is an old soul he can handle it"  "Yes But I can't as they walked out of the exhibition room Ms. Heinz asked " Is he always so charming disarming ?"  " He has learned to control it " 

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