Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan)

Malachite Silver Ring

The chauffeur gave Sebastian a stack of sketches and instructions, he thanked the chauffeur and got to work.  Hours later; Sebastian called to have the finished designs delivered. Sebastian answered the phone;  "Hello" "Sebastian  I have a question. Did you call Ms. Heinz since you came home?"  "Ah No! "Well you better call man"  "Why?"  "Holy Shit you've been in a fog! Listen carefully; your were biblical with Ms. Heinz for two days and you haven't called her?"  "No". "Okay meet me at the front door we are going to delivery the designs."  Sebastian got into the limo  asked the drive his name, " Nigel please explain what did I do wrong?"  " Lesson number one.  When you had sex with a person for the first time  please call send flowers a stuff toy candy or all of the above." "OH SHIT!  Oh Shit!"  " Bingo the lights came on Houston we have ignition."  " Can we stop and and pickup something?"  "Already done."   What did I get her?"   "A basket of bath salts and Essential oils from L'Occitane".


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