Excerpt from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Sebastian walked into the hallway and was greeted by Christina, "I'm hungry let's go and eat". " We just ate said Sebastian "I'm hungry again"  "you ate like my sisters when they were pregnant"  "Now you spoilt my surprise"  "What! "Your pregnant that's why I can't keep my hands off you," Isn't that  kind of kinky" "You're calling me kinky with the of jewellery you wear?"  "So what do you think about me being pregnant?"  Sebastian lifted Christina off the ground realizing he placed her gently on the floor "I think our lives are even more complete thank you for the gift"

The First year of college Seb was challenged on several fronts; and expectant wife and learning the way of jewellery. He listened to his teaching masters; every subtle voice inflection seemed to denote something inspiring.

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