Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan)2.0

Textured Copper  Earrings.

Ms. Heinz sat in her doctor's office holding a specimen container; the doctor's secretary walked into the office carrying coffee Ms. Heinz felt nauseous again she wondered if she would ever like coffee again.  "Are you alright Madame ?"  "I felt nausea again the smell of your coffee" "How long have you been feeling like this?"  " Since my return from North America" "You must have picked up a bug or you are pregnant."  "I am not able to conceive."  The doctor greeted Abby as they entered the examination room.

The doctor stepped  out of the office asked her secretary a few question returning  to ask Abby  had she had  any sexual intercourse Abby felt warm and blushed. 

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