Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan)2.0

The class started working on a series of brass boxes; the practical foundation of jewellery making (basic filing, sawing  and soldering ) was incorporated into making these simple containers. Sebastian and his classmates made hexagonal, square, round and triangular shape boxes from flat brass plate. The discipline Exhibited by Sebastian was noted his classmates and teaching masters; he drew large sketches on the blackboard and engaged his classmates in problem solving.  The teaching masters graded the class on problem solving, project completion and class participation. Sebastian and his classmates would rummage through bookstores ; looking for books about jewellery and watching making engraving enameling alchemy blacksmithing  anything having to do with metals and gems. Sebastian and his classmates compiled a book of materials and substances ancient Jewellers/ metalsmiths used. 

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