Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Turquoise Silver pendant.

Abby instructed her assistant to gather her employees in the meeting room. "Why am I calling the meeting their busy with production, the time for us is very short unlike the other designers we must meet these deadlines  especially this year we paid out your ex-husband so we are free and clear of him. He still snoops around."  "He wont be snooping anymore after I drop the bombshell I am pregnant and the doctors think I'm having multiple births"   "Oh Fuck!" "That's  usually how pregnancy starts"    " Ha you are funny who did you fuck?"  "It's not important"  " It is very important  who unlocked those legs should be given a medal" "Am I a monster?"  "No Abby you don't let anyone get close, so tell me How the hell did he get between those legs?"


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