Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

"Then what's up?"  "My parents want me to be an engineer like my Brother." "Oh, Is he married?" Is he rich? Is he as good looking as you are?"  What ! "Made you laugh, "come on I'll buy you and ice-cream; why can't you become and engineer? You have the grades and the prerequisite". I studied Physics and chemistry and Math to become a Goldsmith and Silversmith not an engineer" "A little touchy are we"? I have to go thanks for the ice-cream."

Sebastian stormed off; he did what was expected of him now it was time for him to do what he wanted even if it meant defying his parents. Christina  watched as Sebastian walked away from her; she decided to talk to Sebastian's parents on his he behalf. she thought he was cute.

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