Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Silver/ Sapphire Ring.

Sebastian boarded the (Subway) train; he fell into his seat tried to silence his mind, an Asian man dressed in earth brown clothing sat across from him. Sebastian was about to speak the man raised his hand.  Sebastian seemed to understand what the man was thinking; "If you can hear my thoughts touch your nose now, touch your ears pick your nose ha ha just kidding you look so serious, Akira and the others sent me to speak with you, I did not mean for you to pass out at work but you are stubborn you heard me speaking, you ignored. I spoke louder which caused  to pass out. Sorry to cause such distress." Sebastian was about to speak the gentleman put his fingers to his lips I AM a Tibetan monk if you want to talk exit at the next station." 

The monk continued; Sebastian you know of these things yet you ignore them why is that? You think is some mental issue? Continue to be this way and you will put everyone around you at risk".


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