Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (2.0)

Silver Pendant on Silk pearl choker.

Sebastian entered the train station: he placed a token in the turnstile walked to platform.  He smelt a strong scent of blood; feeling light-headed he sat on a bench to steady himself.  Sebastian saw a young man leaning against the far wall of the station, he realized the smell was coming from the young man. He wasn't sure what to say as he approached the young man  who was not sitting on the bench staring at the ground. "Looks like you're having a bad day" "Yeah the worse the day ever!" "Well I guess it could be worse"  "What do you mean?"  "You could be dead" "I was contemplating killing myself"  "seems like you talked yourself out of it"  "not really" "what could be make a young guy like you want to kill yourself?" "Life is just beating me down and I can't seem to recover from all these setbacks"  "I'm not going to ask what they are but I can tell you it will get better I hasn't kill you yet  the fact  that you are sitting here with me means you're not going to, your instinct for survival is strong you thought about jumping in front of the train; you also thought about the driver of the train, the mental trauma you would cause him. The pain anguish you would cause your parents siblings and friends.

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