Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (2.0)

Silver Agate in Silver pendant.

On the day of the fashion show; teaching masters were seated next to media. Sebastian and classmates were miked; given schedules (Running order)of the models' clothing, Ms. Heinz was absent. Sebastian was flustered; the models went through rehearsals, Sebastian didn't allow the models to wear the jewellery during rehearsals. Ms. Heinz finally arrived; she watched the video rehearsal  she barked at  her assistants and Sebastian, "Why did the models not wear jewellery during rehearsals?"  "I decided against it"  "Good, come I want  to look through the curtain. Tell me what you see?"  " A bunch of very well dress people and lots of reporters."  "Today we'll see if you and your college buddies made the right decisions, Sebastian you are with me for the next couple of hours think you can handle it?"  "I'll try to keep up."

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