Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (2.0)

Brass Copper Bloodstone Pendant.

Krystal smiled internally; Sebastian had diffused a potentially volatile situation, in so doing won over a client. Ms. Heinz spoke at length about her project, she mentioned timelines and the models. 

Ms. Heinz expected the class to be in awe; the class  took notes asked hard questions, materials to use, sketches of her designs, colours etc.  Ms. Heinz was caught off guard; students asked about ownership of designs, making fashion designers annual event  for the college.
Ms. Heinz spoke with the teaching masters; she was eager to work with the students and wanted to see some of their designs. Krystal led Ms. Heinz and entourage to the design room, they were blown away by the body of works displayed.  

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