Excerpts from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Silver Natural Ruby pendant.

After graduating from GBC (George Brown College); Sebastian moved from job to job until he found the right vibe, a father of two young children Sebastian needed to provide for his family. The Mystic Jeweller was the right fit. The store owners saw a younger version of themselves in Sebastian; he was conscientious full of ideas and attracted a younger clientele who wore jewellery differently, The younger clients wore body piercings anklets and arm bands and nose rings etc. The staff took Sebastian under their wings; they loves his new ideas, within three years the small company was selling on a website  and profits were healthy.  Life for Sebastian and family (Christina Sierra and Noah) was good.  Sebastian consulted with his teaching masters on occasion and helped GBC students transitioned to the jewellery industry. 

Sebastian had periods of restlessness; sometimes triggered by intense thunder and lightning storms; other times, he heard the wind call his name.  Sebastian received medical and psychological tests; the results were always "normal", he felt an impending sense of doom.


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