Excerpt from The Mystic Jeweller (Vulcan) 2.0

Silver rings with Cornelian Rutilated Quartz Malachite Labradorite

Since his college days Sebastian scouted Gem and Mineral lapidary shops scouting odd enchanting esoteric gems. He walked the few blocks from his house to the lapidary shop; an under new management sign in the window concerned Sebastian. Introducing himself; a first nation gentleman (Hawk) greeted him. Hawk's mother in law (owner of the store) was ill. "Ah you are The Sebastian the former owner kept a list of his clients your are the Jeweller he called Vulcan." Sebastian asked to look at some rocks; Hawk brought out four boxes, Sebastian ran his hands over the stones picked out a dozen stones. "I'll take these please" "Are you some kind of Shaman?" Sebastian laughed nervously "Nah stone have a vibe they talk to me  I try to work with stones that have good vibes that way my jewellery gives the owner energy courage happiness that kind of stuff" "you sound like a Shaman".

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